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New Banner and title

Made a new Banner and changed the title of my LJ.  Anyone who's read my profile since this am has seen this but just in case, here it is:

That's Steve Baxter, the Ninth Doctor, and Claude for those of you just tuning in.  Given how much I seem to mention Steve and, especially, Claude, of late, I thought I ought to make a new banner. Also, Nine is my favorite (hell he stole my heart) but he doesn't belong to me anymore than he belongs to anyone else, which is part of why I changed my title for this LJ.  I didn't want folks getting the wrong idea  (for those of you just tuning in it used to be: "Nine is Mine because we all have our favorites").  I don't own anyone; I'm just a fangirl...

Edit 3/8/07 (I got annoyed that Steve's pic was in black and white so I got a new color pic and touched it up a bit with Paint shop pro the result is below)

Tags: christopher eccleston, claude rains, nine, ninth doctor, steve baxter

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