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My subconscious is so complicated...

OK, those of you reading this LJ (other than myself) know about the invisible Ninth Doctor reccurring dream theme that I'd had prior to finding out that Chris Eccleston would be on Heroes as Claude the invisible man. Well, what I hadn't mentioned was another reccurring theme in different dreams, that of either I was going to watch Chris on Star Trek or the Doctor (Nine) was on the starship Enterprise or just on some itteration of Star Trek. I knew it meant something and wasn't supposed to be taken litteraly but I just couldn't figure out what. Then last night's Heroes: "Company Man" had both Chris Eccleston and George Takei in the same sceene! It wasn't till I got to work (I work 11-7) and started to think about the episode that it hit me. Now, what I would really like is if I could just get clearer symbols or better yet verbatum details in my dreams. A dream about a winning powerball number would be welcome, or better yet, a dream of Chris performing live somewhere I can get to in time for me to arrange to get tickets for it. I don't want to wind up a Cassandra! I wouldn't mind being able to prevent a disaster, and I really don't want 15 minutes for doing so. Call me sappy or crazy but I'd be happy just to know I'd accomplished something good.  Contrary to what some may believe of me I am not all self-serving.  I'm actually a decent person if anyone takes the time to know me.  If I weren't, I wouldn't be in Nursing.
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