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Song inspired fic LOL

Disclaimer: No, I don’t own anything here except the character of Trace. I don’t get paid for this; I just do this for fun.

Rating: G (though some kids might not totally understand it)

Universe: The Whoniverse, possibly AU

Characters: The Doctor (9), Trace (original companion), Rose, Jack

Relative Chronology: Some time between the cannon “The Doctor Dances” and “Boom Town,” and also sometime after the rpgwho Skaro timeline with doctor_nyne , which partially inspired this. This could take place before or after the X-mas fic I wrote. The rest of the inspiration (the bulk of it) was watching some folks doing the infamous Thriller Dance.

Spoilers: Unless you haven’t seen all of Series one, I really can’t think of any. 

          The Doctor had taken his 3 companions on a tour of his “frankly magnificent timeship” and had shown them his hologram chamber, which was even better than the “holodeck” on ST:TNG, even Rose had to admit, though Jack had no clue what Star Trek was let alone its “Next Generation.” Rose had suggested a dance floor, and the fun had progressed from there. They’d switched eras, and partners, but the only one who didn’t have a go on the floor was Trace. She sat quietly, watching the other 3. She was dressed Goth but not in attitude.
           “C’mon Trace!” Rose called, from the dance floor. 
           “Yeah, c’mon, you’re the only one here who hasn’t danced,” Jack prodded. 
           “Sorry, not my cup of tea. I don’t dance,” Trace replied apologetically.
           Jack gave Trace a totally shocked look.
           The Doctor, who was taking this song off, just shrugged, and said, “It’s not for everyone.”
           “Aw, c’mon!” Jack protested, “I could show you.”
           “No thanks, Jack.” Trace wasn’t moving from her seat. “I look like a frog in a blender. I’m gonna have to take a pass on this one.”
          “S’ OK, Jack, besides, I’m exhausted. Maybe we should call it quits?” Rose suggested.
          “Yeah, I am kinda beat. I’m gonna crash.” Jack left for his room.
          “G’nite, everyone,” Rose called after the others, as she left for her own room.
          “G’nite Jack, G’nite, Rose,” Trace called back. 
          “I have repair work to do, back in the control room,” the Doctor said, getting up, “See you later, Trace.” He figured Trace would be up all night; given that she had been a night nurse, she usually was.
          “Later, Doctor,” Trace replied. Once everyone had gone, Trace opened up her laptop and began scrolling through the music files. She reprogrammed the venue for a graveyard, complete with fog, and a huge stereo system. She wired her laptop into the stereo system. She was so intent on what she was doing that she didn’t see the Doctor return.
          The Doctor had come back to get his sonic screwdriver, which he’d left by the entrance, and, when he noticed the graveyard, he was intrigued and just had to see what his companion was up to. Quietly, he stayed in the shadows near the doorway, waiting to see what Trace was going to do next.
          Trace found the file she was looking for; it was an instrumental long remix of “Thriller.” She’d also programmed the hologram chamber for a nice crowd of undead which came up out of the holographic ground as soon as the music started. The whole crowd, along with Trace began doing the “Thriller Dance” in time to the music. Trace was so preoccupied with keeping up with the zombies, that she didn’t notice that there was suddenly one more body in with her and the undead.
          As she continued the routine, she thought to herself, I don’t recall any leather clad zombies. I must have missed it when he unearthed himself. Odd and hard to tell with this light, but he kinda looks like the Doctor. Maybe, the TARDIS has a twisted sense of humor.
          As the figure in leather got closer, Trace thought she must be getting paranoid, and turned her attention, instead, on finishing the routine. She’d programmed the lights to come up and the graveyard to vanish as the song ended and the zombies with it. She was, needless to say, shocked to discover, that she hadn’t been alone, as the Doctor stayed behind when everything else vanished, being that he was real.
          The Doctor, for his part was smiling and clapped. “That wasn't ‘alf bad. And you say you don’t dance.”
          “I get self conscious. That bit is one of the few numbers I can do. I didn’t know you did that sort of dancing.” 
          “Who do you think taught Michael Jackson? Mind you, he didn’t bother to pay attention to anything else I tried to teach him.” The Doctor shook his head sadly.
          “Why’d you come back, Doctor?” Trace asked, feeling very self conscious.
          “I forgot my sonic screwdriver by the door. I need it if I’m gonna get any repairs done. Why’d you stay?” 
          “I thought I was alone. I wanted to see if I could still pull that off. Please don’t say anything to the others.”
          “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. But you should know, you’re better at it than you give yourself credit for.” The Doctor gave her a soft smile.
          “Thanks. Hey can I give you a hand with repairs?”
          “Certainly! I just hope you won’t get bored.”
          “I very much doubt I will, Doctor.” Trace returned the smile.

BTW, here's a video, one of many I watched that inspired me to write this silliness:
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