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  • Mon, 13:49: Testing out my own Memoji sticker I think it’s a pretty good likeness
  • Mon, 15:11: RT @JediCat1965: Some lady followed me around the store bitching loudly about sacrilege. I ignored her until she said that people shouldn't…
  • Mon, 22:01: RT @lisa_cerezo: So technical difficulties prevented me from finishing this task before #GISH ended, but I couldn’t just leave it! Thanks t…
  • Tue, 10:06: RT @spn_bot: CASTIEL: It is a terrible time, but, if you could just answer a couple questions...
  • Tue, 10:12: For those of you wondering: it’s Tracey like the detective and Daniels like the Tennessee whiskey.
Tags: #gish, twitter

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