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Claude/9 Fanfic (Crossover)

Disclaimer:  I own none of this and I’m not being paid, I’m just having fun and trying to get these ideas out of my head…


Characters: the Ninth Doctor (Claude)


Spoilers: All of Doctor Who 2005, Heroes thru episode 16 “Unexpected”  so if you haven’t seen these, don’t read this until you do.


Rating: PG-PG13 for subject

I’ve been toying with this idea even before someone suggested a “crossover fic,” where Claude is actually Nine.  Some have the idea that Claude is Nine just after the Time War.  I thought I would take a different approach and say that the Claude I’m writing is Nine 15 years after “The Parting of the Ways.”  I figure all that energy had to go somewhere, even before Ten showed up and was radiating even more and attracted the Sycorax.  This is introspection that starts near Claude’s exit scene in “Unexpected.”



Out of Sight, Out of Mind, and Running out of Time


The Doctor did regret having to leave Peter so quickly, but Peter had, in a very short time, exhibited a much improved control of his abilities. Saved us both, he did, the Doctor reflected and very much doubted that Peter would lose control and explode, now.  The Doctor also couldn’t risk OWI getting their hand on him again.  He wondered where he could run to, especially since he hadn’t had his TARDIS for the last 15 years; his “successor” had that.  While he wandered, aimlessly and invisible, the Doctor mulled over all that had happened to him in the last decade and a half.




The Doctor had known that taking the Vortex energy from Rose was lethal, and that it would force him to regenerate, but he’d done it anyway, to save Rose.  He’d thought it was all over, in a manner of speaking, after he’d said his last words to Rose, “Before I go, I just wanna tell you that you were fantastic, absolutely fantastic!  And d’you know what?  So was I!”  Then, he’d given his dear companion one last smile to remember him by, before the rather explosive regeneration commenced.  The Ninth Doctor had expected a kind of oblivion, while his successor, the Tenth Doctor, came to be and he became a memory.

The Doctor was shocked, to say the least, when he found himself awakening in a clothing drop, in the middle of a city, and naked.  Quickly, he’d found an ensemble in earth tones which fit him.  He didn’t have his sonic screwdriver, or his psychic paper, or any ID, or his TARDIS, or even his leather jacket.  All the Doctor had were his wits and his new outfit.  As he walked to find some sort of reflective surface to see what he looked like, the Doctor mused to himself that absorbing the Vortex energy must have had something to do with his current situation.  He remembered the regeneration starting, but not finishing.  He didn’t feel like he did after regenerating, not that any regeneration had ever been standard for him or even gone the same way.  Finding a storefront window, the Doctor inspected his all too familiar image.  He was shocked to find he still looked the same, and even more shocked when his reflection suddenly vanished.

“What?” he wondered aloud.  The Doctor began to wonder if he was some sort of ghost.  True, he was able to manipulate physical objects, but that was far from proof.  Suddenly, as he stood pondering this, the Doctor’s reflection returned, and as he stood still staring at it, someone came out from the store loudly demanding to know, ”Are you gonna come in to shop or do I have to call the cops?”  The accent was definitely a New York variety.

The Doctor, having realized where he was, told the angry man, “I’m going.”  As the Doctor explored New York, he noticed and was saddened by how self absorbed everyone was.  He was further surprised to learn it was 1991.  He tried to find lodgings, but most places wanted money, those that didn’t were often overcrowded, and had to turn folks away.  The Doctor tried to get work but without any ID or even psychic paper to back up his credentials, no one would hire him.  He didn’t dare go to UNIT, for fear of disrupting the time stream.  Even trying different aliases hadn’t helped; the Doctor had given his name as everything from Dr. John Smith to Claude Rains, and gotten nowhere.  On the plus side, his new invisibility talent was growing stronger and more controllable.

The Doctor had thought his mundane troubles were over when the man in the horn rimmed glasses had approached him.  The man had called himself Bennet, but Bennet, if that was even his name, had proven a further disappointment.  The Doctor had awoken several days later with a hole in his memory, a killer headache, and a strange two-lined scar on his right shoulder.  What happened after that, he wished he had forgotten, along with what ever had been erased.  He was far less trusting after that.

With no other way to support himself, he took to nicking things: small items, loose cash, the occasional food item.  With his new ability, Claude, as he now called himself, could have easily robbed the treasury, but couldn’t justify it, even with as selfish as everyone was being.  Claude found a refuge of sorts on the roof of a rich man’s building.  There were bird pens up there, and Claude found some measure of peace by attracting and caring for some pigeons.  He was tired and just wanted to be left alone.  He’d planned to stay up there, only coming down when he needed something.  He’d wanted to leave the “stupid apes” to their own devices, and let Bennet and his bosses believe him dead.  And then Peter had shown up.



Claude’s plan had been to stay a hermit, stay invisible, and stay in hiding, but, somehow, Peter could see him.  As it became apparent that the same pattern from 15 years earlier was beginning again, Claude realized he couldn’t just walk away.  As much as he tried to write Peter off as a talented nutter, he couldn’t justify abandoning him, not without at least trying to teach him.  He was still a Doctor, after all.

He thought he’d be safe, because he pretty much stayed invisible, and Bennet thought he was dead.  Claude had no idea that Bennet was looking for Peter until he showed up with the Haitian on the roof, both armed with tazers, and high tech goggles.  They’d nailed him first, then tried to get Peter, but Peter had frozen the tazer electrodes in midair, then tossed Claude off the building, jumping after him.  Peter had then proven that he could indeed fly as he caught and flew off with Claude’s now unconscious form.  Claude remembered coming to, and his first thought was that Peter had betrayed him, but as they argued, it dawned on him that the traitor was actually the artist, Isaac.  It made sense,  Isaac obviously wanted Peter out of the way and had called Bennet, but, the problem was, now Bennet knew Claude was alive and somewhere in New York.  With his improved control, Claude was sure Peter would be able to protect himself from Bennet, but his own power of invisibility would be useless against those goggles, and there was no telling what Bennet and OWI would do to him if they found him this time.  So he ran.


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