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  • Wed, 10:40: RT @aliciakeys: Call interim Police Chief Robert Schroeder at (502) 574-7660 and demand he complete the investigation IMMEDIATELY and turn…
  • Wed, 10:40: RT @aliciakeys: Louisville residents and EVERYONE CALL the members of council below and demand they vote to BAN No Knock Warrants! https:…
  • Wed, 10:50: RT @mishacollins: Congratulations, Dunce-Cap! But in fairness, who the hell is George P. Bush?! If you have to dig so deep into the Republi…
  • Wed, 11:44: RT @BarackObama: It’s too early to tell if it’s permanent, but the changes brought on by COVID-19 are forcing many of us to reflect on what…
  • Wed, 11:46: RT @SPNLoveBot: Misha wants you to Love Yourself First
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  • Who is messing with my international mail?

    I don't know why, but for some reason since mid January anything coming to me from the UK that arrives via US Mail is taking longer and longer…

  • Fic: The Ex-Company Man

    Author: bigbadwolfeboro aka Tarot (me) Disclaimer: I don’t own Heroes or any of the characters. Tim Kring created it and as far as I know…

  • RIP Buddy (1 year anniversary)

    Today marks the 1 year anniversary of when Buddy died. I miss the little fuzzball. I made 3 vids of him, once I worked out how to use the video…

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