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  • Sat, 11:08: RT @SPNLoveBot: Like a stream we are always in flux, always changing. Never the same from moment to moment. - Misha
  • Sat, 11:17: RT @Castielmyhero: Mishas Post on Facebook some weeks ago. He didn´t wrote that it is the last time they shoot together: This was the last…
Tags: #amokra20, #dogshaming, #mst3k, #stolen, #supernatural, twitter

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    Sat, 03:51: RT @ LexMacaLuthor: Hi #Hellerfriends, #Supernatural friends, #mishacollins addicted, #castiel lovers and curious human beings…

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    Thu, 12:34: RT @ RealLyndaCarter: Trans women are Wonder Women. End of story. Thu, 12:42: RT @ Chr1stop4: @ RealLyndaCarter @…

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    Wed, 13:07: RT @ kunerksterphoto: Misha and Jensen Wearing Blue and Green respectively Saturday Panels Denver 2021 @ JensenAckles @…

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