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ID card for Nine/ CE wallpaper

Ok. Given the lovely UNIT ID card for Three (Pertwee) that I saw over in doctorwho and the conversation regarding the one that was used for Nine (Eccelston) in "Aliens of London/World War Three" I decided I'd have a go at making a better and more accurate one than the actual prop (which I strongly suspect was some kind of in-joke). So here's my attempt:

Anyone who thinks they can make a better one, have at (and please share). If you want to snag this to archive it or what ever please credit and do not hotlink. Thanks. Enjoy.

Also here's a new Wallpaper I made with pics of Christopher Eccleston (various roles):

(2/9/07 EDIT:*facepalm* realized I forgot to list my sources:
For the ID card: Better with Two and Aftershock. For the wallpaper: Smugmug for the Second Coming cap, Better with Two for the pic of Nine. I seem to have lost the web addy for the third one. I think that candid shot- labled as Chris at home-- came off of Christopher Eccleston info, but if it did, it's gone now. I got that nice picture of Chris as Claude from smugmug. If anyone sees that "exclusive shot", and it's from your site, let me know; I will give credit. Usual tool: Jasc Paintshop pro 9 )
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