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Shagging meme (ganked from angel932)

(Note: originally posted 2/7/07)

Ganked from angel932
"The Shaggin' Meme
List ten fictional characters you would have sex with (in no particular order) then tag 5 people to do the same."

OK. I found this very amusing though I have a few problems with going by all the directions. Dunno who wants to be tagged of my F-list so any readers want this have at. Second there are only two fictional characters I really want to shag/dance with:

1. Claude from Heroes (Very interesting and hot fellow who reminds me more of Dr. House than the Doctor and has that wonderful Eccleston intensity.) Despite his professed desire to be alone, and wanting to be free from "attachments," I have the sneaking suspicion Claude is lonely and hurting despite his hard gruff exterior. You so don't wanna know my response to his "People suck. . ." speech. Lemme just say I'd prove him right in a way he didn't expect and he just might enjoy it ; )

2. The Ninth Doctor from Doctor Who(Eccleston not Grant or Atkinson and certainly not Tennant{some count him as Nine} while the"other Nines" aren't ugly and are likeable fellows, It's Eccleston's Nine that I fell for. See, I guess I'm wierd that way. I have to feel something deep for someone before I'll even consider getting that intimate with them.)

Here are five fairly positive maybes:

3. Strayman from Strumpet. He's almost a proto-Claude, though he doesn't hate everyone, just the mess that society is. Instead of pigeons, he has dogs and I love dogs.

4. The Rider from The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. Yes I know he's evil, and the Dark on this earth... He's gorgeous and you haven't seen me on a bad day yet! I wanna go out with a bang!

5. Steve Baxter from Second Coming (He's hot! He's kinda shy. He reminds me of Nine, just a bit, and seems like a really likable guy and bonus he's the Son of cool is that?)

6. Jude Fawley from Jude (seems like a nice, vulnerable, hard-working, and well-meaning guy who could use a woman who'll be loyal and appreciate him... and he's adorable)

7. "Wolf" Christopher from The Invisible Circus, what can I say I have a soft spot for him and he seems like a nice guy.

Here are 4 "Well, if I was stuck in that reality..."

8. Maj. Henry West from 28 Days Later (he's cute and if I gotta entertain the troops why not start at the top...even if he kinda scares me)

9. The Duke of Norfolk in Elizabeth (hot as hell, and looks like he's good in bed, but I have no desire to get burned)

10. Raymond Calitri from Gone in 60 Seconds (again another hottie, but I worry about getting scorched)

11. David Stevens from Shallow Grave (starts out a sweet sensitive guy then gets broken and scares the hell outta me! though I don't do necro...)

That's all I could come up with sorry for those looking for 10 sure things, no can do. ; p (LOL. BTW have we noticed a pattern?)

(Edited 3/8/07 after I rewatched Jude and finally watched The Invisible Circus)

(Edited again 3/31/07 after I realized exactly how "attached" I was getting to Claude and after I'd seen Shallow Grave)

(Edited again 10/25/07 and reposted after I'd seen The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising 9 times and after I'd finally seen Strumpet and after a really bad day followed by a bad night at work, and realised exactly how attached to Claude I've become)

Certificate of Marriage

This is to certify that
were married on
October 25, 2007
Marry Your Favorite Character
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