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Migraines, moving and stuff

Ok, so if you read the topic and my cut text line you know about the migraine. On the 24th of January this blasted thing started and the fact I've been sleeping poorly doesn't help. On the 28th, courtesy of my parents, I got some "new" furniture... bedroom pieces. Mine were like 50 years old and falling apart. The old pieces fell apart as I unpacked and prepared to throw them out! Took several trips between me and my BF but the pieces were much lighter than complete units. My friends Sam and Dwayne helped my BF and I get the new pieces in. So we took them out to Olive Garden for helping. Then I hadda put my clothes back in...exhausting. So, the week goes by and, while I'm at work, I think there has to be a better way to position the stuff out in the bedroom (the apartment is rather small). I come up with a plan and, on Feb 3, my BF and I rearrange things. I still have a ton of things in temp boxes, but I'm beat, I've had it, hence the use of the "I need a Doctor" icon.

In other news...

I'm loving Heroes (was watching since the beginning) and the fact that BBC America has been broadcasting Doctor Who 2005. I'm slightly irked though, not at TV but at my "gift." See I have some ability but no control.. I get precog flashes and dreams but, although the insight I get is nice, I'd like to be able to do more with it. Anyone who's been reading this LJ, other than me, is no doubt aware of the dreams I was having where Nine was invisible, and then Christopher Eccleston shows up on Heroes as an invisible man. I find out that he was in the States only when he's already back in the UK or in Bucharest filming something else... Why can't I get insight I can do something with? Like maybe a flash Chris is gonna be somewhere I can watch him act? Or at least the winning lottery numbers?

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