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That was like my third attempt to draw Chris as the Doctor, using a still from "Father's Day" where he didn't have the jacket on. The other two I didn't get all that far with and I was using a different still.

And that is my drawing of Chris as Claude using the still in the current TV guide. Not an easy man to draw, let me tell you, but damn is he gorgeous! And no, I don't have any training, so I have trouble with fancier stuff. I just stick to pencils. It's what I'm comfortable with.

New Wallpaper:


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Jan. 27th, 2007 08:05 pm (UTC)
Constructive critism
Pencil nine

Forehead is slightly too high.

Pupils should have a small patch of white to indicate the reflection of light. Not doing this makes the eyes look dead

Need to use different grades of pencil to give more defined areas of light and shade.

Need to define a definate direction for the source of light and stick with it.

Pencil Claude

Again would benefit from the use of a softer grade of pencil to give darker areas more definition. Shading is a bit flat at the moment. What grade of pencil are you drawing with at the moment?

Again white areas on the pupils are missing.

Hair is good but needs to be darker so that it more closely matchest the eyebrows.

Face area is flat because of a lack of definition. You need to note where the areas of light and shade are. At the moment you have about four definate tones but there should be more in order to give the drawing depth. Practice going from the lightest tone you can achieve with the pencil gradually through to the darkest tone. Note that there are lots of tones available. This should help with shading.

Also be aware that line and tone. They are not the same thing. You have a definate line on part of the nose that really should be tonal work.

If you have large areas of a single tone, don't smudge a heavy line as you will always be left with some evidence that line existed. It's much easier to use the flat side of the pencil lead and not the point or invest a small amount of money in a solid graphite pencil.


The likeness in both isn't bad but will probably improve with practise.

I hope this helps.
Jan. 27th, 2007 08:45 pm (UTC)
Re: Constructive critism
Thanks that's quite helpful. I'm still practicing. At the moment all I've been using is #2 pencils (and my finger to blend/smudge), but I know where I can get different grades of graphite. I may give that a try.
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