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  • Wed, 14:04: RT @TahmohPenikett: Stay safe friends. Do your part, grab your supplies and hibernate like a bear. Keep your family and community healthy w…
  • Wed, 14:05: RT @DanRather: There are many national emergencies where individuals really can’t do that much to help. But in this one, if you practice so…
  • Thu, 02:01: RT @joshgad: To all the healthcare professionals and to the people who love them - thank you for protecting us. We will do the same. It’s s…
  • Thu, 10:33: RT @spn_bot: He gets on top of Castiel’s angel blade.
  • Thu, 10:33: RT @spn_bot: CASTIEL: Look, even if I'm serious.
  • Thu, 10:34: RT @spn_bot: CITY RIVERFRONT – NIGHT CASTIEL supports SAMANDIRIEL, who is still lying where he fell.
  • Thu, 10:34: RT @spn_bot: CASTIEL Crowley will have warded against everything, even wicked witches.
  • Thu, 10:34: RT @spn_bot: CASTIEL It's not that you didn't..
  • Thu, 10:35: RT @spn_bot: CASTIEL is still in the dark when you went off and snuffed that vampire nest in Austin, hell of a trauma.
  • Thu, 10:35: RT @spn_bot: CASTIEL If God is a badass, yeah.
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