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Strange but True

Ok, so here's what happened. Thursday 1/18/07, I got in from work in the morning (I work 11-7) and I'm exausted from sleeping poorly that week but also a bit wired. So I figured I'd put in my tape of "The Pyramids of Mars," as I wanted to watch it for research and I hadn't watched it in a while. The format they'd put it in made it like a 90 min movie with no breaks. So I start watching it. I had originally planned to watch "The Long Game" after. I saw maybe the first hour, maybe a bit more then I dozed off. And I dreamed I was watching "Rose." How freaky is that? I doze of in the middle of an episode of Four and wind up dreaming of one of Nine's episodes. I have to wonder though, what would have happened if I'd been watching "The 5 Doctors" instead?
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