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No longer allowing "anonymous" comments (temporary see ETA to entry!)

Given some of what has been going on here of late, I have opted to change the comment settings of this LJ to LJ users only. I think that if someone has something important to say to me, regarding an entry, one should log in and comment on the entry in question so we may converse about it there. So, if one with an LJ wishes to comment, please log in and do so. If one doesn't have an LJ, please be aware that basic and plus accounts are free. If one still does not want an account but wishes to comment, I can be reached via email. Be advised, I do screen my emails. I figured changing to comments by LJ users only was better than F-locking this journal.

ETA: 12 August 2009- OK I allow anonymous comments NOW but all comments are screened. I have to approve them all. Some LJ users started being jerks. See later entries.


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