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  • Fri, 09:18: RT @CasIsLoved: This scene is so damn powerful. Cas immediately knew something was wrong. The shame on Dean's face...🥺 Their nonverbal comm…
  • Fri, 09:18: RT @streddiewarrior: If you're bi with a heavy lean towards the same gender you're not gay, you're still bi. If you're bi with a heavy lean…
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    Sat, 10:41: RT @ _IMAlive: Let's play a game. "Coping BINGO" Pick a square to help you cope through this difficult time. Pick another until…

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    Thu, 14:12: Caring for Holli Fri, 11:13: RT @ HeavenlessWings: // me when i do a face reveal to do this…

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    Wed, 12:08: Has anyone heard from @ meta_cas ? Just hope he's ok. Wed, 21:52: RT @ mishacollins: Wanna do @ GISH but worried you can’t…

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