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New wallpaper and some new icons

All these I capped myself from Second Coming:

What's really funny about that one is that my BF, Plex (Todd), not only reccomended I screencap that shot but also what the caption should read. See, we were watching Second Coming, and when Plex saw that he said, "Cap that and make an icon with it." Plex doesn't do LJ at the moment. Probably a good thing too; things are weird enough with me here. LOL

Plex had suggested that last icon be texted/captioned with "Neener, neener, neener! You can't see me!" but I thought it was too long and just a bit too silly. See what I mean about things being weird enough on LJ with just me here?

This cap, in the wallpaper, came from Chaotic Creative (which got reshuffled I was told by them..but it's up). I cropped it and added text:

As you can tell, the screen cap is from "Father's Day," the quote is from "Boom Town," and the text at the bottom is my response to that. I just think it "works."

No hotlinking. If you snag, please coment and credit, thanks.
Tags: christopher eccleston, claude rains, icons, nine, ninth doctor, second coming, wallpaper

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