Tracey Loves Castiel (bigbadwolfeboro) wrote,
Tracey Loves Castiel

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  • Mon, 11:05: RT @AntarcticEchoes: Hi everyone, this person, Mary Grace LH has stolen my fanfic, Fever Dreams. off of AO3. Can you please report them?…
  • Mon, 11:08: RT @_IMAlive: The world is always changing and so are you. Just because something didn't work before doesn't mean it can't the next time yo…
  • Mon, 11:35: RT @SPNLoveBot: When people take care of each other, they are stronger collectively. - Misha
Tags: #crisisoninfiniteearths, #destiel, #doctorwho, #mishacollins, #sundayvibes, twitter

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