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How I feel about Nine

      I just wanted to point out that if I didn't love Nine I wouldn't be lusting after him, if that makes any sense. I supposed I'm wired a bit oddly in this respect. See, if I don't know someone, I'll look and say "oh he's cute"/"Easy on the eyes" etc. and just go on with my day. I think it was somewhere around "The End of the World" that I fell for Nine and it took me until "Dalek" to realize it. He definitely had my attention from the word "Run!" in "Rose."

     I think the wallpaper in this thread pretty much sums up how I feel in a nutshell.  Wouldn't go there just for a shag, or just 'cause I thought someone was cute.  The irony is, when I started watching Doctor Who 2005, I wasn't looking to fall for anyone. Initially, I watched because I'm a Whovian. Now, I watch as a devoted fan of Nine.

And while we're on the subject...

     Now, the actor, Chris Eccleston, him I'd like the chance to know better. I know he said in an interview that playing Nine was "the closest I've come to playing myself. . . " I gotta wonder exactly how close we're talking.

And, on the off chance that by some twist of fate Chris Eccleston has found and is reading this LJ the following is addressed to you:

     I apologize if any of my entries have bothered or offended you. No disrespect was or is ever intended. I would also like to clarify that I do not think you are an object.  What I do think, is that you are a fantastic actor and totally gorgeous.  I really enjoy looking at you.  Some of my graphics work is wishful thinking on my part, mostly the less risque and G-rated wallpapers and icons.  Regarding the revealing screen caps that I've utilized, let me just say I'm a nurse and it's nice to have someone good to look at for a change.
     I am aware that I have you at a disadvantage, but I really doubt you would want to see me with that little on because: 1) I'm overweight , 2) I have quite a few scars, and 3) I'm kind of plain, like Velma (from Scooby Doo) sans glasses and, if you've seen my photo shops of me with your Doctor, you know what I mean.  I could take the "naughty" pictures, icons, etc out of here if that is your wish.  Again, I apologize if you are offended.  There are a lot of us fans who enjoy seeing you in any capacity.  I'm not saying I'm right; I'm just offering and explanation.  I would also like to say that, if you weren't so amazing I'd never have noticed how gorgeous you are... if that makes any sense.
And to paraphrase one of my favorite quotes, actually from Star Trek: the Next Generation:  If I'm to be damned then let me be damned for what I really am.

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